Initial Driving Assessment: This session allows us to determine the level of driving and consequently determine how much lessons will be needed to attain driving test level. Only the trainee and the instructor will be in our vehicle (automatic transmission).

All fees are as illustrated on our detailed price list. Payment MUST be made prior to each lesson by cash or cheque payable to "Streetwise Driving School". Package Lesson MUST be fully paid and scheduled prior to first lesson.

The duration of each session includes practical training time of 5 to minutes before and 5 minutes after for review of the previous lessons.

24 hours notice must be given to cancel an lesson appointment (either by phone or email) and must be confirmed upon receipt. Late cancellations within a 12 hour period will involve a fee of $25.00 for each session. Late cancellations within two hours will involve a fee of $50.00 per lesson.

For cancelling a road test appointment made with Streetwise Driving School, we require 72 hours advance notice ahead of the scheduled time in order to notify ICBC. Failure to give the school sufficient notice will result in the student having to pay a $25.00 road test cancellation fee to ICBC.

There will be no refund for driving or road test sessions which have taken place.

If a student has prepaid using package lessons, and wishes to terminate the agreement, a refund will be given for unused lessons only and paid out within 14 days from the day we receive your written refund request.

Free local pickup and drop off is available to all students.

Streetwise Driving School and the instructors are government certified.

Arrive with comfortable footwear and a valid driver's license.

Also be ready for pickup at least 5 minutes before your sessions.