"No longer am I afraid to parallel park! Surinder made it easy and fun to learn this and everything else. I am so grateful for all the encouragement and patience he gave. I now have my 'N' and will be taking more lessons from him when the time comes for my re-test. Wonderful instructor. Thank you.

Terri Meadows

"Surinder at Street Wise Driving School worked his magic with me I was afraid of merging and parallel parking but he is such a good teacher that I overcame my fears and passed my N on the first try ... I highly recommend him!"


"Thank you for the great driving lessons and helping me getting use to driving in Canada. I was very pleased to have passed my roadtest and getting my BC licence."


"I was nervous to start my lessons. I shouldn't have been! I've very much enjoyed my experience."


"I feel that driving school is very beneficial to beginner drivers to pass the test."


"Street Wise Driving was an amazing driving school. Surrinder was so patient with me and such a good teacher. I thought I was a hopeless cause on ever getting my drivers licence but he helped me go from not knowing anything to having my licence so quickly! Highly recommend him!"